Sexy and Fun Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

Bachelorette party planning can be one of the toughest jobs for the maid of honor. The maid of honor has to not only make sure that the bachelorette party goes off without a hitch, but that all the bachelorette party ideas that you’ve come up with actually surmount to an insanely fun night. Whether it’s a Vegas bachelorette party or something a little lower key, you need to know how to make sure all your ideas for bachelorette party are a fine combination of sexy and fun, because really you are celebrating one last night of freedom without the ring.

It might be strange to think of bachelorette party favors, but this might just be the most important part of the whole night. In that case, the number one bachelorette party favor is definitely Edible Undies. You’ve heard of them before and maybe you simply thought they were an urban legend, but they are definitely real and so much fun. These make great bachelorette party favors, because your closest girlfriends can take them home to their hubbys or significant others for a little erotic post bachelorette party snack. These edible undies taste just like strawberry and have a chocolate tie strap.

Bedroom Vows

Also, forget bachelorette party games, why not get the bride-to-be a sexy game for her wedding night? Bedroom Vows is the perfect bachelorette party gift for any newly wed couple. Okay, okay, maybe these cards will work best on the honeymoon, but they include 72 cards – all with a special erotic message, like invitations to foreplay, lap dances, and oral sex. They’ll be pulling out these cards for years when they want to light some candles and have an erotic night. All of these vows go from quite tame to dirty, like a vow to lick honey off your partner’s body. Yum.

And if you are thinking of more ideas for party gifts, you could get the bride-to-be and her future husband the Love & Tender Gift Set, which comes in a little heart shaped box and includes an erotic feather for some erotic tickling fun, two dice with naughty instructions to initiate some fun sex games, massage oil and a little massager. Out of all the bachelorette party gifts, this will definitely be the one that gets the most use on their wedding night or during the couple’s honeymoon.

Love & Tender Gift Set

Love & Tender Gift Set

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